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The Computer Science department’s main administrative offices are in Centennial Campus Engineering Building II (East Wing). The department also has several labs, centers, server rooms, and faculty offices in other campus building locations: Lampe Drive, Monteith Research Center, Ventures IV, and Engineering Building III.

The CSC IT unit maintains 100+ virtual machines, 3 Virtualization clusters, four shared storage arrays, and over 100 users. The CSC IT group also supports over 1,000 computing devices, including desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices.

Teaching/Computer Labs

The Computer Science Department IT group is responsible for the maintenance and support of 5 teaching labs (136 desktops), 4-5 TA offices (~30 desktops), and public computing spaces (3 desktops in EB2 1235). Check the teaching lab calendar web page for additional information about reservation information. Click here for a detailed list of labs and their equipment. Additionally, we have faculty touchdown spaces in EB2 2290, Lampe Drive 223, and Lampe Drive 201B (all equipped with desktops and scanners).

TA Spaces and Public Labs

The CSC IT group maintains and supports desktops, network printers, and scanners deployed in TA spaces and public labs. Current TA spaces are located in Lampe Drive 246 and 247, Engineering Building II 1211F & 1229B (both equipped with scanners). For TA spaces with a cypherlock, contact Carol Allen or to obtain the code. For all other TA spaces with a card reader, please contact Linda Honeycutt. Public labs are also available to College of Engineering students as listed on the EOS Computing Labs Web page. The College of Engineering ITECS group maintains and supports these Eos labs.

Server Rooms/Research Labs

The CSC IT group maintains the operation, networking, and monitoring of 4 server rooms in EBII, which are used for CSC research, teaching, and infrastructure purposes. Most of these server rooms have redundant & dedicated Leibert cooling units and several 20/30/60 AMP outlets. All server rooms account for approximately a total of over 900U rack capacity. NCSU-Comtech-managed high-speed switches (SDN capable) handle the server room access layer with 10 G uplinks to the building distribution framework (BDF) and 1Gbps access ports.


Engineering Building II BDF switch is connected to the centennial campus backbone @ 14 Gbps pipeline.