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Service Catalog

Managed Desktop Environment

CSC IT supports and manages Mac OS, Windows, and Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu) platforms. Supported environments are enrolled with campus-approved Configuration Management Systems (CMS) to comply with university Endpoint Security Standard (EPS) regulations. EPS requires implementing security controls such as anti-malware, anti-virus, login authentication, host-based firewall, least privilege access, etc. Check the EPS regulation page for more information.

File Sharing

There are several file-sharing solutions available on campus – it will depend on your business, academics, or research practices as well as the sensitivity of the data you want to share/store: Purple (Ultra-sensitive); Red (Highly sensitive); Yellow (Moderately sensitive); Green (Normal – not sensitive). For example, for CSC administrative staff, CSC IT recommends either Google Shared-Drive or Isilon NAS-share that can be mounted as a volume on your Windows/Mac OS/Linux desktop. If interested in the latter,  contact us at, including a business application description.

Alternatively, there are several research file-share solutions offered through campus OIT. These include individual research space, project-based storage, and Globus services. Please see OIT’s research storage page for more information about this particular service.

Web Hosting

Depending on the type of Web presence you want to deliver (e.g., research, academic, or administrative), there is a wide range of options. CSC IT offers web hosting services for researchers and faculty who require specialized server-side web technologies (Perl, CGI, JSP, ASP, etc.) not necessarily provided at the university and college levels. We recommend checking the campus Get On The Web site for all other personal, research group, or administrative Websites that require basic HTML and PHP support.

Version Control Services

The university offers GitHub version control services free of charge for any faculty or student of NC State University. To learn more about GitHub at NCSU, visit

Additionally, CSC IT offers Subversion for faculty, researchers, staff, and affiliates who may not be eligible to access GitHub at NCSU or who specifically require those particular version control solutions.


CSC IT maintains a virtualization cluster on Centennial campus for researchers and instructors who do not necessarily have the hardware and prefer to let CSC IT handle system administration and EPS compliance. For more details about the types of VMs we offer, please visit our virtualization Web page [under construction]. Faculty and students are also encouraged to use cloud computing resources via the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL).


CSC has software agreements with major software companies that allow CSC faculty and students to download software free of charge and install it on their personal computers. Software available free of charge includes Microsoft Software (except MS Office suite) and VMware host and client software.

See our software availability Web page for additional information and guidelines.

Computer Labs

The Computer Science department manages four labs for teaching purposes only and not for general student use. Computer lab reservation requests are accepted when submitted by the instructors. Requests can be sent to or complete this online form.

The department also has “Graduate Student Labs” equipped with Windows and RHEL-managed desktops available to any currently enrolled CSC graduate student. For a list of these labs, please check our facility’s Web page and look under “Graduate Student Labs.”

Campus OIT group supports campus teaching classrooms across main and centennial campuses. Visit for a list of their labs. College of Engineering also supports & maintains EOS labs for engineering students only. Visit the EOS lab page for a list of labs.

IT Procurement

CSC IT assists faculty and staff with the consultation and procurement of computing equipment, including desktops/laptops, server equipment, printers, and other computing devices. Such purchases must be made via MarketPlace as stated here.

Printer Setup

CSC IT manages and supports various workgroup, individual, and lab printers. CSC IT-managed printers have all been firewalled to restrict usage outside university regulations. Visit our printing policies and guidelines for more information.